Verifying iMessage Service on my iPhone 13

  • 6 February 2022
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I am trying to verify my new WindTre number for use with iMessage on my iPhone 13 but the verification runs without completing and generates an error message. How do I get my number verified so I can use it to send and receive messages using iMessage? Thanks.



5 risposte

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what is the error message? How much credit do you have on the sim?

The message says simply that there’s been an error and to try again.

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the message you send to apple servers is not free. therefore you must have credit on the sim. How much credit do you have?

I don’t know. I just got the SIM a couple of weeks ago, so I assume there’s enough. Is there a way to find out?



I was low on remaining credit, but I topped it off and it still generates the same error.

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