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  • 6 September 2021
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I didn't used my Italian SIM card for a while so I lost number where can I check it ? 

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Hi @David, when did you last top up?

It was discussed in this post 

where you can find the link of the form for requesting the recovery of the telephone number

Last top up was previous month but since I changed my phone I can't find my number. 

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If you have installed the App, you will find it at the top and on the Home for the details.

The top-ups made, however, including the last one, can be found by opening the menu at the top right, then Reload and Archive

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Hi @David, we've turned your conversation into a question so it's easier to find the solution you're looking for 😊

Do windtre have som ussd code *# which show me the number. I don't have created account for app and for that I need to know my number :)

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To my knowledge there is no code for this request.

You can try from Settings / About phone / Status / SIM status. By scrolling down you should see your number (for Android)

Settings / Phone / My Number (for I-Phone)

Phone number unknown.

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With some call attempts you should see your calling number on the display. If you have no way, contact them and ask the operator directly. 

Number from abroad +393205000200 from the active sim. 

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Hi @David, have you solved?

Hi, no I was not able to call that number only internet connection is working but not regular call.

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