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  • 29 August 2021
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As a tourist in Italy, on Aug. 3rd 2021 I purchased a Sim card and a user package in your agency in Bergamo . The agents there said they activated the 70gb internet data and calls package for me as I wished. After using only 1 GB data the connection was disabled and I had to enter the branch in Pechiera del Garda to chec k it up. The team there was very helpful and after looking into my file they told me that although I paid for the 70gb usage at Bergamo, it was not activated as I was told!
I had to pay another 18 Euro activation just to go on with my trip. What can I do to get my money back?

8 risposte

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Hi @P-860  you must call 159 to find out exactly what happened and to get a refund (if due)

I’m not in Italy so I cannot call this number. When I was in Italy I called, but there was no one who could helped me in English. this line is for Italian speakers.

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the customer service number from abroad is +39 320 5000200 (free call) or chat in the app with Will, you will get subsequent answers from a human operator.

surely they will be able to check if there have been any undue charges

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hi @P-860 did you contact customer service?

Sure I did. I’ve tried several e-mail addresses, even to the management. The Windtre server blocked my e-mails...


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did you call +39 320 5000200 or chat in the app with will?

I had a chat with WILL that ended with my problem referred to customer service, but no one returned to me. I’m not going to call from abroad to this number. It’s easier for me to write & read than to explain and understand verbally.

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keep writing in chat for updates

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