Reload data onto sim card

  • 19 June 2022
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Hallo. I got a Wintre sim card on the ship I’m working on. For 35Euro, we got 140GB

My data is now finished, and I would like to top it up without buying another sim card.

I’ve got the Wintre App on my phone, and I was able to top-up my credit, but it doesn’t say where I can but the data on the app.


Please assist me.. Thanks


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Maybe you have already solved ... in my opinion if the top-up was missing to renew the promotion now you should be able to use the internet.

You can see all the voice / data / sms thresholds as soon as you open the app on the home page by scrolling to the left ... "NATIONAL GIGA" for data in Italy and "ROAMING" GIGA for data in EU roaming.

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