"La sessione è scaduta, l'app sarà riavviata"

  • 6 February 2023
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Since some time I cannot login to windtre any more, regardless whether I try via any laptop ( or the windtre mobile app. I always get the error “La sessione è scaduta, l'app sarà riavviata” and automatically get redirected to the login screen again.

I tried different devices with different versions of Internet browser and also the mobile app. Each time with the same result.

I am living in Switzerland and try to login to my existing windtre account.

Does anybode have an idea what’s wrong?

11 risposte

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Hi @msu what version of windtre app do you have installed?


It is not a matter of the app version. The same happens when I try to login to windtre using any computer. And as already stated, I tried several different computers and also with Edge or Chrome browser. It is always the same behavior. Using the app on the mobile just shows the same behavior than in the Internet browser on a computer.




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i asked it because last week there was a glitch with 8.21 version, now with a new release (8.22) the problem is solved


I just checked the version, it’s version 8.22.1.


When I login, then it continues to show the message "La sessione è scaduta, l'app sarà riavviata".

I get this response since several weeks.

Is it a problem, that I am located outside from Italy (Currently I am located in Switzerland, but the issue also persisted when I visited Croatia two weeks ago)? Is there a new restriction concerning this?

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I think it's not a geographical problem.

I suggest you report this difficulty to the app developer, directly from the store where you downloaded it.

Hmmm… but this is obviously not a problem of the mobile app, because it also happens on any computer with any available browser I have tried to login at

I have the same issue. I cannot login on the mobile app or on the website. I am located in the USA so I’m thinking that location has something to do with it. I have tried using a VPN and connecting to an Italian server but that doesn’t seem to help. 

I have bought a WindTre SIM today, I’m italian and I live in Italy. I have the same issue.

From the Mobile App (for Android), version 8.22.1, I get the same message “La sessione è scaduta, l’app sarà riavviata”.

When I try to login the Website with a Computer I get another error, but I cannot read it because the page is redirected.

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@StefanoC. devi attendere 24/48h dall’attivazione della tua sim

Vero scusate, già stamattina (cioè il giorno dopo l’acquisto della SIM) funzionava sia da APP che da sito desktop, per cui bisogna solo aspettare un po’.

Avevo letto dei post dove sembrava che il problema durasse per settimane (vedi qui sopra, in uno dei post si dice “ I get this response since several weeks “).

Problema risolto, grazie per la risposta.

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