Problems making an account for the App

  • 16 April 2023
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Hi, I'm from the Netherlands and have a house in Bolsena (VT). Therefor I have a windtre mobile number to use in a mifi router. The problem is that when I make an account in the App or online I get an error after creating the account. E.g. account creating works (with email and password; my windtre simcard is only for data, not in a phone so I can't recieve SMS). But after the creation and when I try to login I just get an error saying:

“Oops, something went wrong. Try again later.”

But when I try again later, I get the same message! I can change my password but I can't enter the environment???


Please help and kind regards,


6 risposte


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Have you tried by uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

Yep, after re-installing the App it works! But strangly enough the password I use in the App is not accepted in the Web-interface on my PC. There I have to fill in the PUK code everytime I have to login. Is this normal???

And an other problem I have is the payment. When I try to pay with my VISA credit card I get at the end a strange error. But when I pay with PayPal (which is the same VISA credit card) paymeny is accepted. Can you please explain this to me?

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Hi @JWJvanDijk , was the credit card you use issued in Italy? When accessing the customer area from a PC, do you enter your phone number or email?

The credit card is NOT issued in Italy, it’s a Dutch credit card. Is that a problem? 

When accessing the customer area I use my email. Should I use my phonenumber??


And I have another question. Can I change the date of purchase? Now on every 22th of the month I have to pay. This is not very convinient for me. The 1th of every month is what I whish. How can I change this?


Thanks for your help and kind regards,


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