My WiFi Connection Has Suddenly Become Very Slow

  • 8 December 2021
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My WiFi connections has become extremely slow all of a sudden. What is going on?

14 risposte

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Hello @cityfeller, are you referring to the landline at home? If yes and if the Internet connection is active but you struggle to surf it will probably be because the signal is inconsistent. The cause is often the poor quality of the home telephone system and / or the copper line from home to the operator's network.If you are unable to surf in Wi-Fi mode, try to check internet connectivity in another way, using the LAN cable. If you are able to navigate with the LAN cable, the problem may be in the router's Wi-Fi configuration.Also try resetting the modem.

It’s not a land line, it’s wireless.

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Hi @cityfeller, we have modified the post with your data, be careful not to enter sensitive and / or personal data, We are waiting for you.

Ok, thanks. Do you know what problem is?

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Hi @cityfeller, in order to try to help you I would need to know which model of mobile phone you are using to connect to the internet and what problem you are having. Is it just slow internet browsing? Do you have the same problem on multiple phones?

It’s not a cell phone I’m referring to, it’s a wireless router for 4G internet connectivity.

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Ciao @cityfeller, abbiamo spostato la tua domanda nella categoria Internet a casa, così sai dove trovarla!😊


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@cityfeller what model of router do you use? How long have you been experiencing this slowness? Is the router wireless only or can it also be connected via a LAN cable?

It says WebCube 4G+. It cannot be connected via a LAN cable.

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@cityfeller I know the WebCube 4G +. How long have you been experiencing this slowness? If you want to check where the problem comes from, remove the SIM from the router and insert it into a phone. So compare the browsing speed.

It started two days ago. Service was fine until then. My iPhone is locked and I cannot insert another SIM into it. 

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Hi @cityfeller, unfortunately we need to understand where the problem comes from. The only way to do this is to test routers and SIMs. Have you tried contacting 159 to see if there are any network problems in your area?

I took the device in to be looked at it turned out to need a firmware upgrade of some kind. It’s fine now. Don’t you have a way to notify users when a firmware upgrade is needed? Users shouldn’t have to take a device into the shop to find this out.



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