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  • 18 July 2021
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we are coming regularly to Italy in spring and summer time. I am interested in Internet service using Cube Medium. Can I stop or pause the automatic monthly payment in those month we are not in Italy? If I sign up to Cube Medium for how long is the minimum period before I could cancel?

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If you activate Cube Medium with the "easy pay" version, you have a contractual obligation of 24 months and automatically debits your current account or credit card every month. Therefore you cannot suspend payments.

Instead, with the "residual credit" version you have no contractual obligations but it provides 30 GB/month instead of 60 GB/month.

If you need to use it temporarily I recommend Summer Card 200.

It costs 19,99 euro for 2 months + 10 euro sim.


If you need a mobile Wi-Fi modem with this offer you can buy for example WebPocket 4G+ at 69.90 euro or Alcatel lK40V at 39,90 euro

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