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  • 16 July 2021
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I live in the Netherlands and when I visit Italy I use the internet with my WindTre prepay simcard with 10 giga. I want to change my plan to have more gigabytes, but I don’t know which plan to choose because my Italian is limited.


What I want: I want to visit Italy, top up my simcard for just one month of Internet, then go back to the Netherlands and don’t pay anymore until I go back to Italy the next year.

I have found plans that says ‘con addebito automatico’ and ‘con addebito su credito’. Which one to choose to be able to use it like I just described?


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Hi @Roberto78 ,

I advise you to choose  ‘con addebito su credito’, because in this way the costs go to your residual credit (the one you top up) and not to your credit card.

Have happy holidays!


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Hi @Roberto78 we're glad you solved it! Remember to select the best answer of @HAPPYLI 😊

just to be sure, if I don’t have any credits on my sim after one month of use, and I don’t top up for about a year, are there any additional costs during that period? Here they talk about 0,99 cents a day: https://www.windtre.it/cb/condizioni-offerte/

I only want to pay when I use it, not when I don’t use the simcard.

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