I cannot receive or send any SMS message with my new SIM

  • 24 October 2021
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Since I installed the new chip I could not send or receive any messages with my SIM. From what I read the problem could be the configuration. However, I manually set the Message Centre Number from the Samsung Message app (Samsung S10e) to +393205858500. Nothing changed, I can only receive messages from WindTre. My mobile plan is the “Call Your Country Super”. Does anyone know what I can do? I do not speak italian so calling 159 is a bit complicated.

2 risposte

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The "Call You Country Super" rate does not include sms. You can send sms if you have credit on the sim. How much credit do you have?


The problem of sending was the credits then, however I do not understand why I was not receiving any sms, up to this moring. Today I received all the dammed messages (I asked some friends to send me as a test), so it is going ok.

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