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  • 17 April 2022
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I bought my plan in iftaly and it include 70 gb of national data and 6.6 gb of eu roaming data. Now I’m travelling in Switzerland and initially it worked yesterday in Swiss but today I found out I cannot connect to the internet and a message of pdp authentication error showed up. I tried to reset my internet, turn off the phone, airplane mode and remove the SIM card but all methods don’t work. I did open eu data roaming and checked my apn. Does anyone know what I can do. Thank you 


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To be sure that you are viewing the correct number on the app, check that it appears at the top, otherwise change it with the "change line" function.

But something is not right, so before reloading I would have a suggestion ...
- turn off wifi on your phone
- check again that data roaming is active (if so, an "R" should appear next to the coverage notches).
- do a network settings reset as @eleirbag suggested

and try to browse

Thank you for your reply. I don’t see a R next to the coverage notches. But I changed to another line in the app and I see the credit is used up. Does that mean I should recharge 6 euro into the account? Thank you very much 

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I think it could be the solution, in any case you will find this credit for the next renewals

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Then were you able to solve?

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