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  • 2 August 2021
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I have a contract for windtre package ‘cube large limited’ monthly pay €12,99. 

This package is used for my holiday home in Riva del Garda. I’m living in Belgium. 
I need to pay monthly but your Italian bank does not accept transfers from my Belgian bank. 
How can I pay the monthly fee? Can I use a credit card? Can I pay a year upfront in 1 time? Thank you for a solution to make the payment from Belgium as I’m not every month in Riva. 

13 risposte

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In the general conditions of contract it is indicated:


The Customer will be required to pay the amounts indicated on the invoice within the essential deadline set forth therein. Payment must be made by direct debit from a bank account, also open in a country belonging to the European Union, by credit card, issued in Italy or EU countries, by means of a payment to a postal current account to be made at the post office. Italian or at any Payment Institutions indicated on the website www.windtre. it, or with the other methods specifically indicated by WINDTRE. Invoices must be paid in full. Partial payment of the same does not preclude WINDTRE from activating the remedies referred to in art. 5.5. The Customer is required to pay the fees even in cases of suspension of the Service provided for by art. 5.5.


Tochange the payment method, contact windtre customer service.



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Hi @Jos, we have edited the post with your phone number details. Rewrite us taking care not to enter sensitive and / or personal data, We are waiting for you 😊

Thank you. 
I’m downloading the windtre app. Creating a login and try to make the payment in the app?

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Hi @Jos , have you installed the Windtre App on your phone? alternatively, from your PC you can register here

In both cases you can check the missing payments and, if you want, pay online by credit card by selecting the unpaid invoice.

It will not be possible to make the prepayment of your commercial offer, but only later in case of non-automatic debit on the payment method.

You may find this link useful

which shows some useful data for payment

I hope I have been helpful :-)

Let me know how it went

I installed the windtre app.
Tried to add a creditcard. Both Mastercars or Visa returned an error.


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Unfortunately, following the European directive "Payment Services Directive (PSD2)", the variation of the payment method concerning a credit card must be made by contacting the Call Center at 159 directly with an operator.


All this to increase the security levels on the data provided and on authorized payments.

What is the number of the Call Center 159 from abroad?
Meanwhile I tried to pay with PayPall.
This went OK and I got the payment confirmation.

But looking at my profile, the balance is still not updated?
How long does it take to process the PayPall payment?

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Perfect, the email is proof of successful payment (keep the email).

It is normal that the App still gives you an outdated balance, consider 24/48 hours for the update.


Customer Service from abroad +39 320 5000200

Hi @Jos,  If you want, you can select the best answer! 

Hi, thanks for the assistance.

Meanwhile I tried also with another belgian bank account - following the guidelines on the windtre website:
BONIFICO BANCARIO indicando nella Causale: Pagamento Conto Telefonico (indicare numero esteso della fattura), Codice Cliente, numero di telefono per cui e' stata emessa la fattura (IBAN: IT54B0200805351000004968848 - intestato a Wind Tre S.p.A. Largo Metropolitana, 5 - 20017 Rho (MI))
I’m not sure if that bank transfer will end up with my account? I could not find an invoice number and I think I filled in the wrong tel nr…

How can I correct this?

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if you have managed to register in the App you should see both the telephone number (in the "line info" section) and the customer code (in the "personal data" section) check that they are correct.


Your contract provides for automatic payment but it is not a subscription, therefore, there are no invoices. The (fictitious) invoice is highlighted in the event that there is a non-payment.


It is also possible to provide an EU current account, but in any case, as for the credit card, it is always necessary to contact customer service.

I come back to this discussion.

The topup with PayPall worked. But the BONIFICO BANCARIO which I did on 4 august (12,99€) is still not visible in my App.

I used IT54B0200805351000004968848.
In the message my codice cliente and mobile number.
The amount went from my bank account on August 4.

Can you check with your accountancy what happened?

Thank you.

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Hi @Jos, the payment may have arrived but the App is not updated yet.

I recommend that you contact the Customer Service from abroad +39 320 5000200 and have the administrative situation checked.

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