How to activate 100 GIGA?

  • 29 October 2021
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Please forgive me for writing my question in English - unfortunately I do not speak Italian, and I’m using an online translator to make sense of this website. :) I’m asking this on behalf of a friend, who is currently travelling through Italy, and would like to help her (re-)activate her WINDTRE SIM Card.


Our problem is that we booked an Internet-only tarif in summer (I don’t remember exactly, what it was - it might have been 100 GIGA), which, obviously, has run out by now. We would now like to activate the same tarif again, but there seems to be no option to do so in the client area. We only see the tarif New Basic as active, but would like to switch to 100 GIGA again.


Can anybody offer any help? Thank you very much in advance!
(My apologies again for writing this in English.

8 risposte

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Hi @kittygo, we have moved your question to the "Rates and Offers" category, so you know where to find it! 😊

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Hello @kittygo, you should access the WindTre App - menu - offers - check what offers are available for your sim and then proceed with the activation always through the WindTre Application. Check if you have available credit.

Thank you, Barby, for your reply. I don’t have the app installed (yet), so I checked the offers that are available to me in the client area (the page under La tua offerta, right?):

I only see the current tarif New Basic listed there (activated 30/06/2021), but no option for activating anything else. And on the first tab Linea Telefonica it says “Non hai
traffico inlcuso”, but if I then click on Scopri le offerte per te, I reach the page Modifica l'offerta, where I can book Protezione or Aggiungi minuti verso l’estero. Nothing else.

I’m absolutely sure, we had a different tarif active on that very SIM card in summer: I think, it was an internet only tarif like 100 GIGA. We would just like to activate the same tarif again. Do we really need to do that through the app?

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Hi @kittygo, the 100 Giga is probably expired. To activate a new one or to ask which one can be activated,  your friend need to call customer service

Ah, so we need to call the customer service and cannot simply activate the 100 Giga ourselves? Well, I would very much like to do that. In fact, I already tried. Unfortunately, I do not speak Italian and that automated menu at the beginning will not connect me to a human operator… I do my best to understand, what buttons I have to press, but seem to always end up with the bot simply hanging up. So, I was hoping to be able to activate the tarif another way...

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Exactly! These changes can only be made by the sim holder. 



Thank you so much for your help. As explained, calling customer service turned out to be difficult for me - actually next to impossible. I guess, I will have to go with New Basic, then.

Thanks anyway! :)

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Well @kittygo, do you have clear ideas now? You can choose the best answer among those received




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