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  • 5 May 2022
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I am in the USA and I cannot send or receive phone calls.   I am also unable to send and receive text messages.   Can you please help!

4 risposte

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What kind of offer do you have? The reason could be that your offer does not include foreign traffic to the USA which usually applies to European roaming. Therefore, if you call or browse or send a text message, you would pay for it from the remaining credit. You should check if you see any options on the app that apply to the USA by selecting "offerte" and then "viaggiare nel mondo".

I don’t see any offerings.   When I bought the phone December they said that it would work when I went back to the USA.   Is there something I need to do so I can make/receive phone calls and texts while in the USA?

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You can take a look at the Travel that give thresholds for the USA

If you want to speak to assistance from abroad, you can call them at +393205000200

Thank you!!!

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