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  • 25 August 2021
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Good day. With  your advise I have indeed purchased windtre while I was in Italy. but it was some different package… I have returned back to Israel. the question is I want to gve this sim card to someone. 1. how can I check how much data is left there? 2. the seller old me the package is valid only for 30 days. is there an option to prolong it? 

Thanks a lot again

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Hi @Maxim, do you remember the name of your offer? To check the thresholds you can access the WindTre App.

It was 70 gb for a month. Something like that?

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@Maxim ,You have probably activated the Large 5G Limited Edition offer with Easy Pay which provides: 70 GIGA with 5G Priority Pass, Unlimited Minutes and 200 SMS with a 24-month contract and monthly debit on your current account or credit card.

Hm... thanks. I have already returned from Italy. He has sold me sim with this package and told me it is for a month.... So the 70 gb if I have used only little part of it can not be extended for additional month without paying?

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the gigs are not cumulative and expire at the end of the reference calendar month, this is how it works for all offers. I am sorry

Thanks a lot

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